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Fall Changes | Part 2 |

Coffee will never not fill me with wonder. Coffee is simply the combination of beans and water, but, within that simplicity, is a world of complexity. As a barista, it is my privilege to explore the intricacies of brewing. I have the opportunity to play with brew parameters and taste the results. I have spent afternoons brewing cup after cup after cup and late nights studying my results to find new insights. After 5 years, I still haven’t lost interest in preparing a cup of coffee.

I’m excited to tell you about changes coming to our brew bar this fall. Lately, we’ve been keeping one brew method, the Gino, on bar month-to-month. However, the Gino is only one way to brew coffee. Also available are methods such as the Aeropress, Chemex, Clever, and many more brewers. Each different method has its own strengths and weaknesses. At home, I have over 10 different ways to brew coffee and love seeing how a brew method can influence the flavors in the cup. Going forward, we’ll be featuring one brew method per month. So we’ll be waving goodbye to the Gino for a while, but welcoming some old freinds back onto the bar. As we begin to feature various methods, I encourage you to try each one and find your favorite. Maybe you’ll discover the brew method that awakens your inner brew nerd.

We’ll also be doing brew demonstrations at each of our shops. Follow us on social media to catch when and where we'll be brewing. I invite you to come hang out with our baristas, taste coffee and join in a good conversation. If you have questions about brewing, these brewing demos will be a great time to ask all your questions. As always, you can email me at, and I’ll gladly help you brew better.

I’m eager to brew with you and stoke your interest in coffee.

Go for gold,