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El Salvador Origin Trip Part 2

(Ash Marie's Story)

A lot can be shared and learned about the world through photos.  I was beyond grateful when Evocation Coffee Roasters invited to take me to El Salvador with them to photograph their journey of sourcing coffee straight from the farm.  There is so much to experience while in another country that is different from ours.  It is eye-opening and changes something in how you view everyone around you and the situations you find yourself in on a daily basis.  A lot of people realize how lucky we are to live in a first world country. So many of us don't, even if we think we do.  I will forever be humbled by my experience in El Salvador.  I am excited to share my experience with you all, so here we go!  Click on the photos for a description!


The purpose of our trip was to visit Finca Loma La Gloria and learn about their farming practices and processes.  Evocation was able to see exactly where their coffee is coming from and every step it goes through to get from El Salvador to Amarillo, Texas.


Keep in mind this was my first time leaving the US.  I haven't even been across the border to Mexico.  So this was all a very new experience for me.  The culture in the capital city of San Salvador is that of most cities, a lot of traffic, people and advertising.  Life on the edge of the city and into the mountain was a lot more calm.  Women walk along the road with large baskets or water jugs on their heads.  Children walk home from school in their uniforms.  Small stands line the roads selling papusas and fruits.  They have dogs roaming around like New York has pigeons.  A lot of the homes were made of sheet metal and brick with no plumbing or electricity.  As rough as they may have it, they all seemed happy.  This is their life.  This is what they know and they make the most of it.  They get to share this beautiful land with their families and friends.  That is wealth.


Coming from the flat lands of the Panhandle of Texas, I was blown away by the scenery in El Salvador.  I couldn't help but laugh when they told us it is their dry season.  You mean this place can be even greener?!  I'll let the photos speak for themselves! 

Thank you to Anny Ruth for all that she showed us from the farm to the generosity of her time.  I feel like, through coffee, we are able to make friends all over the globe.

Stay tuned for one more blog post from Andrew and his take on our El Salvador origin trip!

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