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Brew Bar Double Feature

Raise your hand if you’ve been enjoying our delicious brew bar feature these past few weeks.

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I hope all of you are raising your hand because the Costa Rica Campeón from Colectivo Coffee Roasters is seriously delicious! After brewing some up, we thought this coffee had tasting notes of orange soda, milk chocolate and sweet clove. Here is what they had to say about it: “To create our Colectivo exclusive Campeón, we dug deep in to the Dota Valley of Costa Rica and selected a handful of the highest quality lots from the 700+ producer members of Coopedota. These coffees exhibit pinpoint acidity, supportive body and a subtle fruitiness that is a result of harvesting only ripe coffee cherries. A true champion, this is a coffee that lives up to its name.” We hope you’ve been enjoying it just as much as we have and would love to hear your feedback!


Alright, so today is going to be a double feature! Since we only have a few bags left of the Colectivo, we might as well introduce you to our next brew bar feature…Barefoot Coffee Roasters! We are SO excited about using their coffee and cannot wait to serve it. Starting next week, we will begin serving the Kenya Kiamabara Peaberry which has notes of concord grape, blackberry and jam. YUM. For those of you curious, a peaberry is a natural mutation of a coffee bean inside the cherry. Coffee beans normally grow two halves per cherry, flat against each other, but 5% of the time one bean is grown. Peaberries tend to be smaller, denser and sweeter than your average bean because it isn’t sharing any nutrients with another bean! Which means, peaberry coffees tend to pack a lot of flavor, so who wouldn’t be pumped about it? Here is a little more info about the Kiamabara Peaberry:


Cup Profile: Floral hints of honeysuckle lead into well-balanced notes of dark fruit. Concord grape and blackberry jam play off each other in this complex and delightful coffee.

Country: Kenya

Region: Kiamabara

Plant: Kii Factory

Varietal: SL 28

Elevation: 1900 masl

Process: Fully washed

Certifications/Awards: PB Plus


Farm Info: This peaberry coffee comes from small holder farmers that are all part of the Rung'eto Cooperative and mill their coffee at the KII washing station in the Kiamabara region. Between the three wet mills, the coop represents over 3,500 farmers.


Barefoot writes: “We are excited to showcase the complexity and dark fruited flavors/aromatics this stellar coffee possesses. Grown at 1900 masl, this dense peaberry varietal requires a firm approach and steady hand when roasted. We try our best to properly unlock the abundance of black grape and plum-like notes that are hidden inside, while carefully allowing the acidity to sing it’s lovely sonata. Floral on the nose and jammy in the finish this coffee will not disappoint.”


I hope this makes you a little bit excited about trying a peaberry coffee, whether you’ve had our brew bar a thousand times or you’re interested in trying it for the first time. I promise you, it won’t disappoint!





P.S.- This month is hunger awareness month! To show support, we are partnering with the High Plains Food Bank for the third year in a row. And you can show support, too! All you have to do is purchase our Fall Latte (our cause latte this month) and one dollar of your purchase goes to the food bank, which provides 5 meals! Our Fall Latte consists of hazelnut, brown sugar, cinnamon, and of course, espresso and milk. The perfect beverage to enjoy this cooler Fall weather!