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Meet Andrew

Hello Palace Framily

No, I did not spell family wrong.

  1. Framily is a new social group underpinned by the principle that good friends are the family that we can choose for ourselves. (MacMillan Dictionary)

I think that’s a pretty fitting description of the Palace community, don’t you think? We value our friends like family here at Palace, and we value our baristas almost as much as we value our customers (almost). Our baristas work hard to make Palace a place that not only meets high quality standards, but also makes everyone feel important and special. Since you may only interact with these kind people a few minutes each day, we want to help you get to know Palace baristas a little bit better by featuring them occasionally here, on our blog! Who better to begin with than the sweet and sassy, Andrew McCaslin.


Andrew began working for Palace in early 2013. His original role was manager of the Canyon location until we decided to double and create Palace Amarillo! Now he heads up our entire training/education department, which focuses on training new baristas along with continual training of our more established baristas. He has also been a part of the team that brought us first place at the America’s Best Coffee House Competition and individually placed fourth as a competitor in the South Central Brewer’s Cup in 2013. You can find him in our lab with his nose in an article about something that goes way over my head, or behind our bar with a slick tie and some swift dance moves. Folks, if you haven’t met Andrew you’re missing out. He’ll win you over with his southern drawl and hair twirl for sure. Here are a few questions Andrew has so kindly answered that you can’t find anywhere else.


Age: 27

Hometown: Tulia, Tx

Favorite Childhood Candy:  Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Most Watched Movie:  The Raid

Where did you go to college, what did you study and why:  Texas Tech, I studied Applied Psychology with an emphasis on cognitive and perceptual systems as well as Philosophy.  I love the way people perceive, process, learn and adapt to the world around them.  I wanted to be apart of research that took those concepts and applied them to a design or system to increase safety, usability and/or efficiency.

What first led you to coffee:  The intricacies hidden in the cup itself.  The science.  It was the community and the industry that made me stay.

Favorite thing about coffee:  The people that surround it

Official Role at Palace:  Director of Coffee, Education, and Quality Control

If you could be any cereal, which would it be:  Totes Lucky Charms...I'm mostly Irish

Woman Crush:  Shelby Easley!  She is the love of my life and she just so happens to roast coffee!  Totally HOT

Man Crush:  Toss up between Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Matthew Mcconaughey.  One has charisma for days and the other has the voice of a Texas angel.  Both have sweet bods.

Theme song of my life:  "Intergalactic" by the Beastie Boys


If you have any more questions for Andrew please come by or e-mail him at I know he’d love to meet you and chat it up!


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