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Brunch Round 2

We learned a lot during our initial trial run of brunch in Amarillo last week.

1. You guys really like brunch
2. We way under prepared for how many of you guys wanted our brunch.
3. You guys are extremely patient with us.
4. Rachiel makes an extremely tasty brunch.
5. Starting brunch before 10am is a sin.

Taking all of that info into consideration we are making a few changes for this Saturday's brunch.

1. We will do brunch every Saturday.
2. We will prepare for more than double of what we did last week. (We still hope to sell out every week)
3. We are adding another barista to help with the line.
4. Rachiel will be adding some new creations every week.
5. We will start serving brunch at 10am.

Brunch Menu

Stuffed French Toast:
Nutella & Strawberry or
Blackberry & Peanut Butter or
Bacon, Egg, and Feta

Blueberry Coffee Cake w/ Fruit

Breakfast Casserole:
Egg, hashbrowns, bacon, and colby jack cheese or
Egg, hashbrowns, spinach, and feta cheese or
Chef's choice

We also will have orange juice along with our delicious coffee and drinks for you to enjoy. We will see you tomorrow.