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Roll with the Changes

Do me a favor. Click that little play button when you read this blog. Trust me. It is one of the epics.

Changes are inevitable. Some we orchestrate, others happen to us and we have to deal the best we can. More than a few are joyous while we all have dealt with the tears that flow from the ones that are not.

Palace has had it's fair share over the past three years. Each one has made a mark on us. The ones that leave the most lasting impressions are with our Palace family, our baristas. We have been fortunate to have a great group of people that have helped us carry our vision of "Be Kind, Serve Great Coffee" to Canyon and Amarillo. It has almost exclusively been on great terms when we do have someone leave our nest. The next two that are making the transition have been such a benefit to who we are and the fun we have.

Brittany Busch or, as we call her "BB", has been a part our staff since January 2013 but she has been in the Palace family since the day we opened three years ago. She was the first person to ride her bike up to our shop that morning and the first person to play an album on the record player in the Palace Room (the Killers). She became a great friend, talented barista, college graduate, world traveller, and an amazing woman in the time we have known her. She also is the mastermind behind our Canyon instagram, our Theme Days (which we have one coming up next week), our art program, and of course all of our chalk art.

We are not saying goodbye to her but rather good luck as she begins her new career as an Art Teacher in her hometown of Perryton, TX. We are so proud of her and she has forever changed us. Her last day with us will be July 31st.

Jaymin McAffrey or J-Money or J-Man or J-Mac or, as Andrew calls him Big Dookie, started as a barista in July of last year. Our shops energy level went through the roof. He is one of the most positive and genuinely fun loving person we have had the pleasure of knowing. He is game for anything, no, we really mean anything. You can't help by love being at the shop when he is working bar. Not only have we enjoyed having him grow as a barista and a damn good one I must say, we also have loved it every time he played our Palace Room. I believe he played at one of our first open mics and blew everyone away. He is such a talent in so many ways.

The sad thing about Jaymin leaving is that he is moving away from this part of the country. He will be residing in North Carolina where he is sweet on a girl. Stop in and hang out with him before his last day on August 9th. You also can come and hear his sweet, angelic voice on our stage one last time August 2nd.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos of these guys.