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What a whirlwind few weeks we’ve had a Palace. Our team had a great time in Portland,  at Coffeefest with some of the best coffee professionals around. It was such a great experience to be able to compete for the national title of Americas Best Coffeehouse. 

We had the privilege to compete with some amazing coffee shops representing some of the biggest coffee communities out there. Out west was Klatch Coffee (LA), Slate Coffee (Seattle), in the central region we were joined by Ipsento (Chicago), and the east coast shops were Café Grumpy (NYC) and Peregrine Espresso (Washington DC). 

Now, our goal was to win. Who doesn’t want to walk away a national champ? We knew this competition was going to be extremely difficult, but we all felt it would be a successful trip to the northwest if we even just made it to the finals. It’s hard to describe the feelings that went through me when I realized we had actually won. It was elation, excitement, fulfillment, but most importantly, gratitude.

I learned a long time ago that anything you are able to do by yourself is something that will ultimately be short lived. Our goal for Palace Coffee Co. is to be around for a long time, and I know it will take many talented people for that intention to be realized.

Our staff is the core of Palace. Day in and day out they make it a point to have genuine interactions with our amazing customers while serving the best coffee possible. Andrew, Rob, and Kevin (our management team) set an amazing tone in how to take care of people while truly caring about the craft of great coffee. And we wouldn’t be able to serve delicious drinks without a talented roaster. We are so proud to serve Evocation Coffee Roasters’ “carefully roasted” coffee on our bar and in our competitions. We also want to express gratitude to Ninety Plus and Café Imports for sourcing three amazing coffees for us to use, Coffeefest for putting on a fantastic competition, Jesse Harriott, Chris Deferio, Ryan Soeder for running such a professional and fun event, DaVinci Gourment and Espresso Supply for the title sponsorship and for the support.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Palace Coffee would not exist without you. I unashamedly think that our customers are so much more than people that pay us for a cup of delicious coffee. You have become true friends and family to us. We share in the successes and failures of life. You guys are part of one of our greatest moments in Palace’s short history. In the moment of our win, multiple faces washed through my mind. For those of you that know me, I can get sappy and emotional and this moment was no different.


I can’t thank each of you personally, so please accept this as my deepest appreciation for you all.